You may soon see a reduction of Suzuki GSX R1000 bikes on your European roads. This follows the company’s announcement that sale of the model will soon be discontinued on the continent. Company CEO Paul de Lusignan has said that only a limited number of the superbike model will be available going forward. In the UK, for instance, you can now only buy the Phantom special edition.

The new move is a result of the model failing to satisfy current Euro5 regulations on emissions. The remaining bikes are being sold in a derogation model, a provision that lets manufacturers release a small fixed number of models that do not meet the set standard.

A Teary Farewell to a Very Popular Bike

Although the environmental concern is paramount, it is still sad to say goodbye to the R1000. A powerful 990cc superbike, the R1000 was a joy for everyone who got to ride it. Its water-cooled four-stroke engine made it such a performer, while its build was meant to make just the statement that every biker wants to make – swagger. It was rolled out in 2001 to succeed the GSX R1100.

Lovers of the bike have expressed sadness at the new development all around. It is easy to empathize with them if you have had a ride on the powerful two-wheel bird. However, it is comforting to hear that Suzuki will continue supporting the model’s current owners.

Paul says that they will continue to produce parts and offer servicing to people who have the bike on the road. Hopefully, this will continue for a long time; we all know the pain of not being able to find spares for a beloved automobile.

Suzuki will now focus on other market areas, indicating that superbike sales are forming just a small share of their blanket sales.