Due to their love of thrills, motorcyclists have always been associated with tobacco use. And, to be fair, the practice is quite common within biking communities. This raises the issue of safety; how do you consume tobacco and maintain both your and the environment’s safety?

Nicotine pouches have lately been touted as a safe alternative to smoking and other forms of tobacco uptake. With pouches, you don’t need to let go of your handlebars to take a drag, yet you get the same nicotine kick. Moreover, there is no risk in disposal as would happen if you threw away a cigarette butt as you rode.

That said, you should get your Nicotine pouches UK from a trusted shop such as Northerner. Like you do when buying motorcycle gear, you need to find an online shop that stocks pouches from top brands. Northerner has products from Vid, Helwit, Thinder, Zyn and Nordic Spirit among others. They protect you from harmful fakes while offering the best prices and a huge flavour variety. The site is easily navigable from search to payment, with an option to filter by brand, flavour, strength, best-sellers and more.

For even greater safety, you should know how your body reacts to a nicotine pouch before using it while on a motorcycle. The initial rush can be quite strong and may disorient your bike handling. If you get this kind of reaction, always use the pouches before riding or when you make stopovers. Furthermore, despite their relative harmlessness to the environment, always dispose of your used pouches in rubbish bins.