If someone wants to become part of the motorbike subculture they could choose to join one of the numerous official biker clubs. These organisations believe that biking is more than a mere hobby. For members it is a way of life. In the past clubs have been associated with lawlessness and violence. However, there are plenty of legitimate and safe ones that are willing to accept newbies.

A lot has changed within the word of motorbikes lately. One of the most significant is the narrowing of the gender gap. During the early days women were banned from most biking clubs. Today there is far less sexism and segregation. It is possible for women to rise to the rank of club president.

Significant Changes

There have also been major shifts within the plastic surgery sector. Older implants looked unconvincing and sometimes caused discomfort in the patient. This led to some women being unwilling to attain them. Luckily newer ones are much more technologically advanced. A good example of this is the teardrop implant products supplied by Motiva. They are designed with an emphasis on safety. These implants offer a soft feel along with rotation resistance.

Readers may be wondering if the recent innovations in augmentation have had an effect on motorcycle riders. It is certainly possible that numerous female bikers around the world have taken advantage of new plastic surgery services. However, it would be difficult to tell as many modern implants are designed to look as realistic as possible. It is practically impossible to tell if someone has augmented their body. If someone wants to study the prevalence of augmentation amongst biker club members they would have to perform a survey. Doing so would involve asking people directly about their history with plastic surgery.

Negative Image

Motorcycle clubs around the world have struggled to shake off the bad image that bikers in general face. This is exacerbated by violent confrontations between rival club members. There has been a push to make this subculture safer. Meanwhile augmentation companies have also come up with ways to make their patients as safe as possible. When someone decides to attain a teardrop implant from Motiva they will know that they are in good hands. The medical professionals involved will augment their appearance without sacrificing their health. Most importantly, these implants will not have an effect on their ability to ride a bike.