There are a lot of people who love everything about motorcycles except for riding them. Not that they don’t want to, but they may be suffering from cyclophobia.

What is Motorcyclephobia?

This is not a fake term, as it applies to a real condition of having a fear of riding a motorcycle. For many, their biggest fear is being involved in a motorcycle accident.

Facing the Fear

Many experts that are familiar with these types of fears often have some good suggestions. Some may suggest that the best approach is to face the fears so they can be identified and dealt with. There are different aspects to motorcycle riding that may be creating more stress than others. Identifying these may be the first step to overcoming them.

Fear as a Positive Reaction

Some people have a normal apprehension of motorcycle riding, this usually means that they have a healthy respect for this mode of transportation. Most experts agree that this type of fear is healthy as it keeps riders alert.

Fearful Beginners

It is not uncommon for new motorcycle riders to have fear. This is natural, because they are about to start an activity that is new to them. Their fear lies more with the unknown. As their knowledge increases about riding a motorcycle, then the fears normally begin to subside.

Mitigating the Fears

Those who have a fear of motorcycles can have a variety of fears. Some are fearful of an accident. Others are afraid of the size of the bike. Then there are those that are fearful of some of the manoeuvres that come with motorcycle riding. The first step is identifying the specific fear. Then determine what it is about that specific aspect that is causing the most worry. Investing in proper motorcycle training can be a beneficial way of overcoming the fear.

Don’t Let the Fear Take Control

Motorcycle riding is one of the most exciting sports that one can be involved in. Tour riding is relaxing and allows for many new experiences. Those who let their fear of motorcycles overpower them are being robbed of some wonderful adventures. Recognising the fear, then seeking out answers to help eliminate it, is the biggest favour people can do for themselves.

Choosing the right bike, which allows the rider to be in control, will be a big factor when it comes to overcoming the fear. Also, riding with others who have some empathy about the fear and will be encouraging is another positive step, and one that can greatly help with overcoming the fear.