As a biker, there are certain times when you may decide to put your bike aside for a lengthy period. During such seasons, it is necessary to prepare the bike well for storage. Good storage will guarantee you a good ride once you are back on your two-wheeler. Here are ways to ensure good storage of your motorcycle:

1. Clean Your Bike Well

The first thing you should do is clean the motorcycle. Washing the bike gets rid of any dust which could in the long run cause damage to the finish. You should also clean all the bike accessories and dry them well.

2. Replace the Bike’s Engine Oil

Engine oil acts as the bike’s lubricant and also is essential in the filtration system of the bike. Storing your bike may cause damage to soft engine parts like the transmission gears. For this reason, you are advised to change the old engine oil after your last ride.

3. Maintain the Tyres

When you leave a bike in the same position for a lengthy time, the tyres deflate and result in a permanent flat spot. To prevent this, it is advisable to inflate the tyres slightly above normal. You can also keep moving the bike frequently to prevent the tyres from resting in one position.

4. Fill Your Petrol Tank and Empty the Carburettor

To avoid rusting of the bike’s petrol tank, you are required to fill the tank with Non-Ethanol petrol When your tank is full, consider emptying the carburettor to prevent future engine problems.

5. Unplug the Battery and Cover It

To avoid any hazardous incident arising from the battery, ensure you unplug the battery and put it aside. This will help keep the battery safe and in good running condition for when you get back to riding.

The final thing to do when stowing away is to cover your bike. This will protect the paint and also keep it safe from dust and other physical disturbances.