There are times your motorcycle will not start for no apparent reason. You might have parked it well the previous day, but it doesn’t start the next day due to inexplicable reasons. In this article, find some of the common reasons that can make a motorcycle not to start.

Bad or Low Battery

A bad or low battery is a common reason why both cars and motorcycles fail to start. To fire up the engine, the battery needs to be in proper condition, and with enough charge to turn the starter. Jumpstart the bike or try starting it with another battery.

No Fuel / Clogged Fuel Line

Another reason is lack of fuel. To start the engine, the motorcycle needs to have a spark, compression and fuel. Without fuel, the motorcycle will not start. A clogged fuel system could also be preventing fuel from reaching the combustion chamber.

Faulty Ignition Coil

Another area to check is the ignition coil which is responsible for producing the spark. As mentioned earlier, a spark is required to fire up the engine. If there is no spark, definitely the motorcycle will not start. If this is the problem, the motorcycle will crank, but won’t turn over.

Faulty Starter

The starter is also a common culprit when a motorcycle is not starting. If the starter produces funny noises or is not cranking, that’s where the problem is. It could have a minor issue that can be sorted, or it may have worn out to the point that it will need a replacement.

The above are the common reasons that may prevent a motorcycle from starting. Other reasons may include a cut off switch if it’s present, a blocked intake or exhaust, worn out plugs or fouled plug wires, etc.