Motorcycle maintenance is an important part of owning a motorcycle. There are a few important elements to ensure you take care of to get the most out of your new set of wheels. Not only will regular maintenance keep you safe on the road but it will work to your advantage later down the line. Some of these elements include:

  • Breaking in your motorcycle properly. Every motorcycle comes with a manual and will have recommended break-in guidelines for you to follow.
  • Spend time understanding your motorcycle. Through spending time understanding how each part works, it will make doing maintenance so much easier.
  • Be sure to check your oil on a regular basis.
  • Get your brake pads checked on an annual basis. If the brake pads become thinner than 2mm, you will need to get them changed.
  • Keep your tyres in good condition.
  • Get your spark plugs, chain and air filter checked when taking it in for a service.

As the fundamentals of motorcycle maintenance remain the same, it doesn’t matter what make or model motorcycle you have. These are all elements which should be covered when conducting maintenance on your motorcycle.